Horrible Things That Are Found In A Chinese Walmart

We all love to go shopping in you nearest Walmart where you can find everything you want, but that’s not true!

One on the last picture is the most shocking thing you can find.

You should know there are some really horrible and weird thing you find in the Chinese Walmart, if you don’t believe it, read the article and you’ll know.

Pig faces

Not just bacon strips or pig ribs you can also get the unexpected pig faces at a Walmart in Beijing. Can’t even imagine what they use it for!?

Variety of animal eggs.

In a normal Walmart there are just two or three types of eggs you get but in a Chinese you get a variety of eggs. Eggs like white eggs, brown eggs, organic eggs, and non-organic eggs, and many more.

Diet water!

I had no idea that drinking normal water could make be fat!? But here an amazing opportunity for the people who are too conscious about their weight, you can find diet water in a Chinese Walmart.

Frozen crocodiles.

People from different part of world eat different foods that separate our food culture, but the Chinese people are way off the line, they have frozen crocodiles in their Walmart.

Snickers and batteries.


Yes it’s true! You get a pair of batteries with a packet of snickers, just in case you get more hungry. They even sell it with a slogan, “Snickers: The Candy Bar You’ll Get A Charge Out Of!”

Cooking oil and free orange juice.

It’s probably their best way of selling orange juice, if you want oil you a bottle of orange juice comes with it, their marketing strategy is just too weird.

Lays cucumber flavor.

We know that Chinese love to do things in a different way than any other countries, but CUCUMBER flavored Lays! That’s shit is so new, I had no idea it existed!

Live frogs! Not for deserts!

Chinese people really eat some unusual food, good we don’t have this in our Walmart!

Shark heads!

First frozen pig heads and now frozen shark heads! I have no idea what they make of that! I think they just love to decorate their Walmart with weird dead animal faces!

Meat floss donuts!

I love donuts but not a big fan of the concept of combining meat and donuts in China. Till know I bet you never knew there were a thing called chicken donut!


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