Things That People Think Are Illegal but Actually Aren’t

Disclaimer: These hilarious answers come from a Reddit thread!

Some should definitely be illegal and are not advisable under any circumstances.

So, while most people on Reddit are well-informed about this stuff, please don't use this as actual legal advice. Some of these "legal activities" are only legal in certain areas.

Some of these things that are not illegal are only really legal because of some weird, tiny loophole in the law that should definitely not exist.

In the UK you can buy Cannabis seeds but germinating them is illegal, this feels like a setup. –ElFiasco89

There is no “one free phone call.”

By law, the police have to give you as many phone calls as you need to contact an attorney. –TheDoctorWumbology

It is legal to buy and sell tickets to R rated movies to those under 17.

The policy is a self-regulation imposed by theaters and movie distributors. –wildlywell

Having a poker/card game where you’re playing for money.

A lot of people think it needs to be a clandestine thing. But in many (all?) U.S. states, it’s not illegal to gamble for money in your own home as long as “the house” isn’t taking a cut. (My certainty about this is restricted to New York.) –EarthtoGeoff

If I remember right it’s not illegal to fake your death.

But it is illegal if you collect insurance on it. Or using it as a means to get out of a legal responsibility like debt, alimony, etc.

But if you don’t do that then what’s the point of faking it. –RaisedByDog

Jaywalking in the UK.

In fact, there is no such thing as jaywalking, you can cross the street whenever you want. –m-foxx

Owning a tank, completely Legal in the US and UK (though I believe you need a tracked vehicle license, and the canon has to be deactivated) –Killgarth

Drink a bottle of beer while driving in Germany.

You can do it, but if you have too much blood alcohol after that beer, you are screwed lol. –8-bitexplor3r

I inquired at a cremation facility I was doing work at (network technician, before anyone gets any funny ideas…), and in my area, it is completely legal to have a Viking-style funeral, like with a flaming arrow shot at a boat that the body is in.

The only real restrictions are a) you have to do it somewhere it’s not going to cause a panic (like a smaller tributary, or back river, not at the shore during peak tourist season, for example), and b) you have to have a fire marshal in attendance, just in case it gets out of control. –one_inch_heroes

Chewing gum in Singapore.It’s perfectly legal, it’s just the sale and distribution of it that is illegal –testercheong

It’s not illegal to wear military uniforms. It’s not even illegal to lie about serving. It’s only illegal if you use it to manipulate/gain/profit in your favor.


In Ontario, on multilane highways, the yellow lane dividers for one direction are sometimes dashed, solid-dash, single solid, or double solid.

You can cross those yellow lines legally, any of them, even the solid yellow and double solid yellow. They are just indicators of risk.


Solid dash means it’s safe for the dashed side but risky for the solid side.

Single solid means is risky for both sides, double solid means its very risky for both sides.

But there is no punishment for crossing such yellow lines in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

White lines, however, it is illegal to cross a solid white line. –adaminc

In Texas, picking bluebonnet flowers. It’s not illegal at all. Pick some, take them home and put them in a vase if you like.

That’s just something moms told their kids so they wouldn’t literally pick ALL of them out of the yard. –Vexxlyn

There some arcane law down here in the south that says “it is illegal to molest alligators” which hahaha yeah funny, you realize that molest doesn’t have to be sexual.

Probably no one ever sexually molested an alligator.

They meant don’t poke them with sticks or throw rocks at them. –JuneBuggington

Counting cards at the casino – you won’t be arrested for it, but anyone who’s ever seen the film Casino knows you may wish you had. –VictorBlimpmuscle

being a cannibal

it’s illegal to kill someone, destroy a dead body etc., etc, but it isn’t illegal to do the act of eating human flesh. just that in order to do it you need to break 12 other laws.–bastugubbar

In California, USA. I was taught that it was illegal to have the light on in the backseat while the car was in motion.

Turns out my ma just didn’t like having the light on while driving.


Minors smoking cigarettes.
Only buying them is illegal.


Defacing money. As long as you don’t try to change the value, you’re fine.

Go ahead and draw those mustache and Ray Bans on G.W. –evanroden


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