10 Modern Art Fails That Will Crack You Real Bad

Sometimes you have to be really careful with the art things when you are around them. Maybe they can be really costly and they must be really important to someone.

Here are some pictures which will tell you that not everything you see is an art.

Some people just make art out of their things unintentionally. When you see something, you end up thinking that’s a piece of art but actually it’s something which was done by people by mistake.

1. Fallen Spaghetti

This is just a fallen spaghetti and people around it will think it’s a piece of art which is well planned and is really valuable.

2. Rainbow Duster as Glow Stick, 2018

We can understand that you must have forgotten your glow stick at home, but using a rainbow duster was a really bad idea.

3. EyeGlasses

A guy misplaced his eyeglasses in an art gallery and then found it somewhere on the floor. People were actually taking pictures of them and are checking them out.

4. Safety Precautions

Whenever you are told to take safety measures you have to be really attentive. You have to check each and everything before entering the places and while leaving them.

5. Waste Of Mozzarella Sticks


When you accidentally cook cheese sticks on a plastic tray but then you turn it into a piece of art. That’s just amazing.

6. Cheap Decrepit Clock

It’s really looking like an art piece but actually, it’s all ruined clock. Sometimes things turn automatically into some art thing.

7. Pineapple

Some people placed a pineapple at art display. When the people came back to the same place they saw that the gallery guys have placed it under glass.

8. Broken Table

Somethings just turn into an antique piece of art when they are displayed in an art gallery. You just can’t deny the fact that these are art things

9. Shattered Martini Glass

How accidentally a dropped glass becomes something which is equivalent to an art figure. Just see closely how it is broken.

10. Lost Glove

A guy dropped his glove on the floor at MoMA and everyone was nerviously stepping around it as if it was a valuable art piece.


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