Escape Into a Stargazing Bubble in Iceland's New Hotel

If sleeping out under the night sky in a see-through protective bubble sounds like your kind of thing, try booking a Buubble.

Iceland’s newest hotel is quite the escape.
About a 70-minute drive from Reykjavik, the hotel is located within the Golden Circle close to Reykholt. These structures provide the perfect way to enjoy the ever present birdsong and butterflies of the midnight sun of the Icelandic summer or gaze at the Aurora Borealis from a cozy bed.
| Courtesy of Buubble

The Aurora Borealis, commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, are an incredible natural phenomenon that is definitely not to be missed. While they are part of the wild nature, they occur at their own whim and there is no set guaranteed schedule on seeing them. However, consulting with the Aurora forecast greatly increases your chances. In Iceland, the Aurora can be seen roughly eight months of the year, beginning sometimes in late August and lasting until the summer sun makes it just too bright to see in late April.

The Buubble hotel structure is composed of a ventilation system that continuously keeps the structure inflated while renewing the air current and preventing humidity from building up. As well, each structure is complete with its own adjustable thermostat so you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

| Courtesy of Buubble

The Buubble hotel experience also accommodates a shared kitchen, toilet, and shower, with each guest providing their own toiletries and provisions. With a great reaction from guests thus far, the Buubble team will definitely continue to keep the new business expanding by building more structures with variations. Don’t miss this incredible chance to immerse yourself in the surrounding natural elements either under the midnight sun of summer or the dark star canopy of winter.

| Courtesy of Buubble


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