16 Signs Life Is About To Take A Wrong Turn

We don't really appreciate how it feels to be healthy until we start getting sick. When your throat starts getting scratchy, it doesn't take long to go from horrified denial to cursing whoever gave you the flu.

 Nobody wanted this detour.

And if it isn't bad enough that it happens to the body, sometimes life itself can have the same ominous signs.

And even waking up with a head full of snot feels better than experiencing what these signs are warning us about.

1. I guess this teaches us to specifically look for a dinosaur pillow "for kids" from now on.

Otherwise, we're forced to make the hard decision between cutting our losses, or explaining who this kid is and why he's on our pillow to anyone who sleeps over.

2. When even something as pure as a doggo is against you, you're in for a rough ride.

It'd be one thing if the dog made this dent and clearly didn't mean it, but that look in its eyes tells me you're on your own.

3. I know some people can't pee when other people watch, but nobody who has to poop ever signed up for this sacrifice.

It's like someone got a swirly as a kid and just wanted revenge on toilets forever. It doesn't have to be like this.

4. I don't know if this is a sign of ghost cars or reality unraveling, but it can't be good either way.

As if it wasn't stressful enough that people keep passing by us on the highway, I'm really not here for impatient ghosts passing through us.

5. I don't suppose it'll be much consolation to tell this dude that his wrecked sculpture actually looks kind of awesome.

Plus, making the triumphant hero a cyborg really takes the classics in a bold new direction.

No, he's still silently facepalming? Well, I tried.

6. I guess this is only a sign of dangers to come if you buy this house or somebody invites you here.

Because there's no way this is the only trapdoor in the place. The one that leads to the clown room is probably in the bathroom.

7. A stolen bike is one thing, but a day that includes someone this dedicated to making you miserable just automatically sucks.

At least they probably won't be that hard to catch if they have to keep doing wheelies to get anywhere.

They're not hard to spot, either.

8. If it's not even possible for you to be told to "have a nice day," then I'm afraid your day's gonna be an unhappy one.

There's no point in waiting around for that thing to unscramble, unless you really want to see how doomed you are in black and...red.

9. Oof, somebody's gonna have to learn to swap identities for a while if the ex is being this persistent.

Personally, I recommend he uses the name Herbert Egglington III when he tells her he doesn't live there anymore.

10. I think it's just a general rule that any neighborhood that has this going on in it is the wrong one.

Even if you live there, it'll be the wrong one until some hero (cape or no cape, I'm not picky) makes this nightmare go away.


11. Aw man, nothing wrecks the false hope of the pizza landing topping-side up quite like this abuse of gravity's power.

Unless you literally just saw someone clean the floor, I'm afraid those toppings are a lost cause.

This ain't Lilo and Stitch, somebody does get left behind.

12. The only thing that makes putting pants on and heading to the store worthwhile is jumping online and only seeing offers like this.

And let's face it, how great can a day that starts with putting on pants really be?

13. I'm not sure what's actually supposed to be happening here, but I have a hunch that the machine is busted.

And no, I'm pretty sure this won't buff right out. The fact is that car pancakes are on the menu, and I'm not hungry.

14. After a long day of dealing with crushed cars and dropped pizzas, nothing helps you unwind like cracking a cold one open with...never mind.

It looks like somebody's gonna be grounded for a while. And that gets way more embarrassing when you're old enough for this.

15. Losing your Nutella to the floor is bad enough, but making your keyboard sticky to boot is like the opposite of a two-for-one deal.

Whenever someone reacts to you saying "Good morning" as though you just insulted their mother, it's probably because they just finished dealing with this.

16. I'm horrified to even imagine a scenario that would make me hate turtles, but I'm pretty sure this would have to be it.

The only way it could be worse is if someone popped up and said, "Actually, a tortoise destroyed your wall."


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