10 People That Should Never Be Our Neighbors Ever

People living anywhere in the world will always have one thing that will always be there to annoy them.

Here are 10 photographs which prove that being a good neighbor is a science that most people will never be good at.

Neighbors who live next to us to just irritate and annoy us.

#10 Not On Good Term With Neighbor

Damn that move is just chilling. How can someone be so cold that they don’t even care about their neighbor?

#9 People That Hate Drones

Many people don’t like the camera but that doesn’t mean you should destroy camera in the drones. Throwing bottle is definitely not welcome.

#8 Christmas Theif, Grinch

Every one must have heard about the Grinch that steals the Christmas fun. Meet the real-life Grinch that stole the Christmas decoration.

#7 Garbage Collector

This person never throws the garbage until someone points out it to him. Seems like he loves to collect garbage.

#6 Line Of Control


There is a Line of control even inside the country between neighbors that you should not cross. This guy mowed his side of the lawn a few days later and made sure that he does not cross that line.

#5 Water For Neighbors Cat

Asking some neighbor to take care of your pet while you are out on a vacation can be dangerous. Looks like he did not like your pet and tried to kill the cat by feeding him wastewater.

#4 Tried And It Fits Well

Never know when your neighbor came in the house but it is more surprising to know that she has tried something that even you did not know about.

#3 Way To Handle Old Folks

Anywhere you live in the world there will always be a person that does not like people and keeps an eye out for your activity. Same has happened with this person that for he made a signboard to keep him out of your business.

#2 How Loud Can He Get

This person has been collecting speakers how loud do you think he can go without someone calling the police.

#1 Flag Store

If you want a flag no need to go somewhere else you can get all the variety of flay at this flag store. The person is such a big fan of 4 July that he puts up all the flag he can get on the lawn during the 4 July.


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