16 Reasons The Internet Is Cancelled For Today

You know how we roll: any given day, we pretty much live on the internet. Every now and then, though, we see some stuff so weird that we're tempted to pull the plug on our modem and go take a long walk!

Stop the ride, we want off!

But if you'd rather stay inside, how about you check out these reasons the internet is cancelled for today?

1. Looks like they've really redefined "spam filter"

We're not sure what place has such a high rate of spam theft, but we're reasonably sure that this is overkill. Maybe just put the cans by some better food and call it a day?

2. Somebody took the tree house thing to a new level

So, the whole idea of a creepy shack in the woods is to be inconspicuous. We don't think the makers of this shack skyscraper got the memo on "low profile!"

3. So what does he do when he's about to turn left?

We've known a lot of people who never signal, so this pig is a step up from that. However, we're pretty sure this gets you pulled over so police can immediately search your car!

4. What could he possibly be a fan of?

We don't like to shame anyone for their hair, no matter how wild it may be. We just weren't ready to experience real-life pop-up ads quite so soon, and we're not sure how to close the window!

5. One heck of a lock screen

It may seem trendy to get an iPhone tombstone, but you just know that Apple is going to make the family replace it every few years.

6. Those barrels are NOT of fun

Nothing is actually falling here: that is simply a paintjob designed to terrorize everyone who sees it. In that case, mission accomplished, mystery truck driver!

7. Much more scary than any emojii

There are some mad skills here, but also some mad scariness. Do you think anyone told her that her fingers could convey emotions without the extreme makeover?

8. Whatever you do, don't look into his eyes

This toad looks like he has seen some truly scary things. However, it's possible that he finally saw himself in a nearby mirror!

9. The chair that makes you uncomfortable before you sit down

Just think: if you ever fall out of this chair, your boyfriend is going to immediately scream, "Scorpion wins! Flawless victory."

10. Meet the real, scary Patrick

If you just can't stop sharing Spongebob memes, you better watch out for these guys. And whatever you do, don't try to get Patrick's phone number!


11. He's here to talk about your Red Lobster cravings

This bike looks really intimidating, but we're going to stick around to see if another bike made of cheddar biscuits drives by.

12. Leading your Swiss army life

Who needs a toolkit when they've got nails like these? However, we're going to have to stay away from any wine bottles opened by that thumb!

13. He doesn't know when life begins, but he knows when it ends

Move over, Chucky from Child's Play: you've been officially replaced as the creepiest kid that we've ever seen in our lives!

14. Looks like those nugs are a bit undercooked

If you don't find the sight of stuff like this shocking anymore, then you need to find a commute that's not so weird!

15. When the safe really doesn't live up to its name

Careful, everyone: this is what happens when you look up into the sky and wish you suddenly had a bunch of money.

16. I will NOT have what she's having

Remember when your friends told you they wouldn't roast you after you died? Surprise! They only said that because they decided to grill you instead.


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