These Are The Most Popular Cookies Right Now

Stunning popular characters on confectionery

Food Comics
Butter Winks team members are Shelley Bean and Mallory Mae, food artists who use cookie icing to draw stunning popular characters on confectionery since 2012. These sugar foodies have been awarded the 2014 Cake Masters Cookie Award Winner title for the creative cookie decoration work they constantly present.

And yes – they totally deserve it. Have a look at the realistic precision with which they draw famous cartoon characters, popular social media emojis or politicians – there is a cookie for everyone’s taste. Nevermind if you are not that much into politics – you can find both subtle, elegant shapes and funny and cute children’s popular friends.

There is a bonus – they teach workshops. So, if you want to learn the food artistry yourself, follow their work on Instagram or Facebook and see if there is a workshop nearby so that you can get in touch and get started!


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