16 Unnecessarily Wasteful Things That Drive Us Bonkers

You would think that by 2018 we would have figured out how to reduce the waste in our lives.

 Just check out these examples — it's enough to drive you bonkers.

It's not like it's a new thing. We're supposed to be living in a super-efficient utopia by now, right?

But waste hasn't gone anywhere. If anything, it looks like it has gotten worse.

1. Shipping that tiny little figurine on the right in such a large box, with so much packing material inside, has to be expensive as well as wasteful.

Don't delivery services charge by dimension as well as weight?

2. I guess no one will ever have to rake up leaves from this tree.

Or water it. Just have to power it 24/7, with none of the benefits an actual tree might provide, like fresh air or serenity.

3. Okay, who individually wraps a box of jelly beans?

So much plastic, and so much time spent wrapping each little bean, for things you want to eat by the handful.

4. This is all the air packaging that came in that big box, just to ship three pairs of socks.

According to the person who posted the pic, that's seven feet of air packaging.

5. Speaking of excessively long things, this guy bought one single item at CVS and got a receipt almost as tall as he is.

"I did my part to save trees after buying this one little item, by refusing the bag to put it in," he wrote. "Then this was my receipt."

6. I get packaging up loose sugar for coffee and tea drinkers, but sugar cubes?

Isn't the whole point of making sugar cubes that they won't need to be wrapped up?

7. Under the category of things that were already packaged before the plastic wrap came out: sweet potatoes.

There is nothing sweet about all that plastic unnecessarily destined for a landfill.

8. "If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn't need to waste so much plastic on them," wrote Twitter user @awlilnatty.

Just think, somebody had to peel those oranges before they got packaged, too.

9. Okay, three different packages for one single pill?

I know medication needs to have a lot of information accompanying it, but surely Claritin can come up with a better solution than this.

10. The packaging for these razor blades could use a shave and a half.

As if all that extra cardboard for the graphics wasn't bad enough, what's up with the raised bit?


11. K-Cups have to be one of the most environmentally unfriendly products ever conceived, so it's great that they're made to be compostable now.

However, wrapping each compostable pod in plastic kind of ruins it.

12. If there's no disk needed, why go to the trouble of manufacturing a case for a disk?

Seriously, there's no way all that information printed on the inside of the case couldn't be on its own, unwrapped sheet.

13. What makes anybody want 60 boxes of six Tic Tacs in the first place?

For another, why put them all in a giant box that isn't even full all the way to the top?

14. I think the message got lost somewhere along the way here.

The medium doesn't quite match the message, does it? That's one expensive way to say "Don't waste printer ink."

15. Is there some kind of big demand for individually wrapped bread that I don't know about?

There must be. I don't want to have to unwrap two slices just to make a sandwich. Ugh.

16. I guess this is sort of like the candy itself, in that you have to get through the candy coating and the chocolate to get the peanut.

But I doubt this is a serious metaphor as much as it's just unnecessary.


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