The World's Most Expensive Number Plate Is On Sale For £14.7m

The world's most expensive number plate is up for grabs for a cool £14.7m.

 It’s confirmed, the price of F1 is £14.7m!

If you're the kind of person who really likes cars, has more money than sense, and doesn't mind every single person you drive past think 'what a prick' - here's the news you've been waiting for.

The number plate reads 'F1' and is currently owned by Afzal Khan, who was pictured with it attached to his Mercedes Benz.

He paid £375,000 for it and is looking to make a sizeable profit from it, hence the frankly ridiculous amount it has been valued at.


To be fair to him, he's a bit of a crafty operator. Some people laughed at him when he bought the plate from Essex Council in 2008 but if he sells it for anything like the asking price he will most certainly be having the last laugh.

According to the Sun, the South East county's council had owned it for 104 years before accepting the generous bid from Mr Khan.

Mr Khan is the head of design company Khan Design and has also had the plate on his Bugatti Veyron Supersport - he seems to have quite the collection of cars.

The plate is thought to be the most sought after number plate in the entire world due to it's relation to Formula One, the biggest and most glamourous name in motorsport.

It is going on sale for the first time in a decade, but it's not the first time he's had bids for it. Apparently Khan rejected a £6m offer for it back in 2014, so he is obviously pretty convinced of it's worth.

If you're interested - and why wouldn't you be? - you can put in a bid to buy the coveted license plate on where it is currently listed at £12m.

Credit: SWNS

However, once you've paid up all of the VAT and tax for it you'll be forking out the best part of £15m, for a small bit of plastic and a piece of paper.

If it does end up getting bought for anything near that amount it will completely destroy the current record for the largest price fetched for a registration plate.

That record currently belongs to a Ferrari collector who paid £518,480 for the number plate '25 O' in 2014.

It is thought that he wanted it to stick on the front and back of his Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

I suppose if you've got the kind of cash to be collecting Ferraris you can probably fling half a million quid at a personalised plate.

Still, £14.4m seems pretty dear even in that market.


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