You Won’t Believe What Horrible Things Were Found In People’s Butt

Human body is a very delicate creation, it is not something you should be messing with, especially when people try to insert foreign unwanted objects in the body.

Here are some crazy people who tried to do the unthinkable and got themselves stuck in a tight spot….

But some people just don’t get it.

A beer bottle.

Do not try this at home! Probably this guy didn’t have the a bottle opener and this was his last choice so he did the unthinkable.

A cellular phone.

When you hate when someone calls you all the time and you don’t wanna talk to him/her this might be the best option, at least according to this guy.

A gun.

That is not how you try to conceal a dangerous weapon, hope he locked the weapon before he put it in, you don’t want anymore holes in the body now do you!?

Glass perfume bottle.

I think his idea was to make his farts stink less, something like that. This seems to painful for getting rid of stinking farts.

A house key.


To all the women out there, the key to his heart is here! Go and get your man!

A flashlight!

Wow! seriously! Maybe the same guy who kept his key in his butt went in with a flash light to search for it. Now he lost his flash light too in his butt.

Peanut butter jam.

This is such a sick obsession to shove things up your ass! Maybe be he wanted to apply the jam on his buns but went in a little too deep!

Tiny toy car.

Clearly this toy car landed in the wrong tunnel. Hope the car gets to get out first thing in the morning.

Billiard ball!

I have played billiards a thousand times and I’am sure that’s not how you play it and that’s not the right pocket you would want to pot your ball.

A live shell.

God no! This guys toilet must have had to go through a lot in the morning.

A light bulb.

That’s definately not the place to put a light bulb.


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