Guy Draws Hilariously Bad Portraits and People Are Going Crazy With Requests

A guy offered free portraits of people's Twitter avatars.

The lesson with this story is: Don't believe everything you see on the Internet

So many people jumped at the opportunity.

When this dude posted this offer with this picture attached, people naturally assumed that he was a talented artist who drew in this style.

But he never actually said that…

And people soon learned that he wasn’t quite the artist he led people to believe. But people loved these portraits.

And the requests kept coming.

So he obliged. And the results are hilarious.

He’s honestly got the artistic skills of a middle schooler, which I know because I do too. The angles just aren’t right here.

Why did he give this guy an extra long neck?!

OK, this one is pretty good.

The drawing looks like it could be an illustration in a Shel Silverstein book.

Holy cow there is something wrong with her face.

It seems that angled faces are really his weakness.

First of all, can we talk about how amazingly dramatic this photo is? Second of all, this may be the worst portrait yet.

OH NO. Her portrait looks like a character from Bob’s Burgers that bullies Tina or something.


I’d love to see him do this but with famous works of art. The Mona Lisa, anyone?

In the drawing, her head is so egg-shaped! It looks like if Humpty Dumpty went to college and joined a hacky-sack group.

What what what is going on with this guy’s arms in the drawing?

He doesn’t look so roided out in real life!

I love that he included the one detail of the cardboard box sitting in the background. That’s the sign of a true artist.

In the drawing, she doesn’t so much look like a girl as she does a demon trying to possess you. You see what I’m saying?

Man, he’s got a real problem drawing eyes.

…and mouths…and everything else.

This is a nice looking young man, but his drawing makes him look like a literal troll that lives under a bridge. How rude.

The proportions here are all wrong.

Everything else is pretty wrong too.

He tried so hard with the seated position, but alas, the angle was just too much for him. Maybe next time?

This one is actually adorable.

It’s clearly his first time trying to draw a dog, though.

Even though the girl on the right is inexplicable three times the size of the girl on the left, there is real joy in this one. Nailed it.


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