Artist’s True Story Disclosed in a Play of Shadow And Light

The essence of artistic expression

The life and the world
Dark and light are frequent artistic polarities: often representing two different sides of things, humans, the life and the world, the “white and black” sides of art are the essence of artistic expression. Azerbaijani-born Rashad Alakbarov plays an individual game with light and shadows by placing objects in a discontinuous order that reflect the true message only when their body is under lights.

Rashad was born and educated in Baku, where he completed the Faculty of Decorative Arts. He works with different media – paintings, sculpting and video art creating massive installations with a particular meaning. To capture the hidden message, the spectator must face the installation from a particular angle. The perspective is key – have a look below at the critical role of lights and shadows in Rashad Alakbarov’s creations.


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