20+ Times People Have Totally Nailed It. Kind of.

Social media and the internet are the main source of information for 54.4% of the world’s population.

We’ve put together a list of people who tried and failed hilariously at imitating something.

Since cosplay and mimicry are a popular trend now, people try to imitate anything that’s on internet, and sometimes fail hilariously.

1. A rare pic of me trying to do something right.

2. Don’t concentrate so much that you miss the ball.

3. Pic of a baby, tattoo of Voldemort

4. This “Baloo” is so ferocious.

5. My mom’s artistic interpretation

6. Haters will say they’re different.

7. When your minions don’t feel well:

8. “Before” and “after” in TV ads

9. Even a stray dog would reject this.

10. Angle photography — nailed it!

11. This is just so cute.

12. When you’re cute but not summer ready:


13. Another reason why Iron Man tried to kill Bucky.

14. I’m Catman from ’Pawtham.’

15. Social media vs real life:

16. This grandma is so cute.

17. Remember Catman? This is him trying to create his own logo:

18. So close!

19. Best friend scorpion — It’s super easy, right?

20. My best friend’s wife captured this unique father-son moment. I couldn’t resist the comparison.

21. A sneak peek into Avengers: Infinity War

22. A+ for creativity

23. Hand illusion drawing

24. Marge, is that you?


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