13 Bets So Dumb That These People Will Never Shake Hands On A Bet Again

Believe or not almost every person in his life has some time or the other made a bet. Either they win or lose it does not matter but still, they make a bet.

Here are 13 bets so dumb that these people will never shake hands on a bet again.

But there are times when people are very serious about the bet irrespective of what the bet is about.

#13 A Man Who Ate Too Many Peeps

Definitely had to be a fool to have eaten 100 peeps in one go. Jimmy Fallon put it on the side by just saying a man who ate too many Peeps.

#12 Slap Bet

Alex stay hidden or change the country. Take my advice never make a slap bet especially with a girl. They will use it very wisely and will never forget until its over.

#11 Sibling Bet


It is very common for the siblings to make a stupid bet and or to trick each other into a bet. The elder sibling will always try to fool you stay alert all the time.

#10 Dumb Agreement

One thing every man should understand is they cannot win with their wife. Look at this guy who thought he can make a deal with his wife.

#9 Best Way To Get Divorce

This has to be the best and simple way to get a divorce from wife and even without any fuss. But the trick is to humiliate your self and your wife in such a way that she decided to give up on you.

#8 Excited To Lose This Bet


Never make any bet with teenagers they are the worst of the kind they will go to any length to see their teachers becoming a joke.

#7 Bet For Bed And Lost The Bed

Betting is a very wrong habit and even worse when you lost and you have to pay. Parents of Melissa are trying to teach her lesson making her pay after the bet.

#6 Homeless

Bet for money bet for food but why in the world you want to bet your house. They will definitely learn the lesson and might never bet on anything.

#5 Not The Bet To Be Done Again

Perfect, this is the kind of bet that is definitely worth it but the thing that happened with Thomas should not happen with you.

#4 Lost The Bet And Energy

I love this kind of disagreements about basic matters from your own life. Sometimes it’s really horrifying to realize what you don’t know.

#3 Way To Go

The best kind of bet is just not to be made in your own house or you can do it if you don’t care for your stuff.

#2 Bet For Life

Not all sibling is as close as this one and definitely, don’t make a bet the kind they have. Try to make your relationship with your sibling strong so that you can make bet like they have.

#1 Best Babysitter

Not all children are quiet and obedient, and if your baby sister or brother is irritating you then $5 is not a big amount to pay for a hours silence.


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