20 People Who Should Have Stayed in Bed That Day

In the average life span of 75 years, a person will spend approximately 9,125 days in bed.

Are you having a good day today? We sure hope so!

The people in the photos included in this list should’ve stayed there for just one more.

20. This what a close look at the game looks like:

19. Accident prevention

18. As long as it’s nicely tied...

17. This is why you jump far from the city:

16. Oh, boy...

15. Bull’s-eye!


14. That’s not what Fresh Step is for...

13. The pride and fall of the sandwich

12. Something tells me he’s not welcome...

11. When your food outsmarts you:


10. Nature vs Men

9. Somebody’s gonna be late for work.

8. When life gives you yolks...now what?

7. The downside of being sweet...

6. “Get a BMW,” they said.

5. Now you can take a good look!

4. Personality test: Are you more worried about the MacBook or the Nutella?

3. Can’t get to work today...

2. Was he raised by cats?

1. “Play dead.”


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