Artist Twists Copper and Brass Wire Into the Most Incredible Sculptures

When it comes to metallic wire artworks, you’ll have a tough time finding a more talented artist than @tdaiki1216, a young Japanese art graduate who seems able to twist copper and brass wire into pretty much anything he sets his mind to, from sculptures that look like drawn manga, to slithering snakes and giant insects.

Some of them are simply mind-blowing.

@tdaiki1216, whose real name is Tsutamoto Dawiki, first made headlines in Japan two years ago, when his incredibly detailed wire sculptures imitating manga drawings went viral on Twitter. Fixed into square wooden blocks and placed against a white background, his artworks looked exactly like manga comics, even though they were actually twisted pieces of wire. Those were impressive enough, but @tdaiki1216 has stepped up his game even more over these last few years, and is now specializing in more complex wire sculptures, some of which are simply mind-blowing.

At the beginning of 2018, @tdaiki1216 was in the news once again, this time for a massive snake sculpture he made as a graduation project. Made of overlapping pieces of wire, this insane sculpture not only looks like metal sculpture out of a sci-fi Japanese video-game, but for something completely metallic, it’s extremely flexible as well. It can coil around itself, the wire scales are mobile too, and its mouth can be opened and closed. I don’t know what technique he used to create it, but this may just be the most incredible wire sculpture I’ve ever seen.

Tsutamoto Dawiki’s Twitter page is full of other incredible copper and brass wire sculpture, from giant moths and cicadas with their wings fully spread, to various beetles, dragonflies and even anime characters. Some of them are so complex that it’s hard to believe they are made entirely of metallic wire.

Talking with online magazine Irorio about how he started working with metallic wire, @tdaiki1216 said that it happened completely by accident. He was a member of a tennis club during junior high school, and one day he found a piece of wire on the tennis court. He started playing with it, and he hasn’t stopped playing with wire since. His creations have been getting a lot better, though.



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