DIY Backyard Wood Bowling Alley

Essential for a yard upgrade

The Summer is in the corner
We love more outdoor games and activities not only for kids, but adults, too. When the Summer is in the corner, we tend to have more outdoor barbecue and party, and have a outdoor entertaining such as this DIY Bowling Alley is essential for a yard upgrade. Imgur user Makgyver87 seems to be a fan. So much so that he made a bowling alley in the backyard. And great one at that!

This is such a smart DIY with the pins attached to ropes from the standing point, forming a pulley pin reset system, so they can be pulled into place from the other end of the lane, with all the positions been located by drilling holes on the board cover!! Looks simple though it will take some time to adjust the system, level the boards before make it works.

See the step by step build here…

Imgur: DIY Backyard Bowling Alley Build Photos


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