Guy Wins This Years Easter April Fools By Pranking His Girlfriend

This year brought the happy coincidence of Easter Sunday falling on April 1st, or April Fool’s Day. So instead of your work colleagues or classmates falling victim to your fiendishly ingenious pranks, it was family and significant others’ that were the target this time.

Her Facial Expression Says It All

Speedflying Scotsman Chris Erwood got into the spirit of both occasions by presenting his girlfriend Alicia with a perfectly disguised prank-egg. With an impressively well thought-out and well executed effort, Chris shows us how, with a handy step-by-step guide, to construct the egg for “the arachnophobic in your life.” Was it long in the planning? “Not long!” Chris told. “I’d joked about doing something like this a while back but I wasn’t set on it until the middle of last week.”

Alicia really is arachnophobic, and this prank is pure evil genius. “I screamed and dropped them all over the table and floor,” she explained. “I know there are some spiders that I’ve probably missed picking up, so it’s only a matter of time before our cats start playing with them and depositing them in the bed.”

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving”

The couple have been together for a little over 3 years, and clearly love messing with each other a little. According to Alicia, Chris has a track-record for this kind of thing. “Every year I fall for the same spider-themed pranks, I am actually in fear for next April fools day!” She told us. “How do I go about getting a holiday banned?!” She admits that despite it all, she does find it hilarious, and it’s all just good fun.

However we are sure that revenge is on the cards, and Chris has some mad trouble headed his way. “This is probably the worst one so far, it was definitely one of his more creative pranks,” Alicia told. “I already have a plan to get him back.”

“I’m just biding my time.”

This is Chris Erwood, and you might not assume just from looking at him, but he’s a master prankster


And this is his girlfriend Alicia, who had no idea what Chris had in store for her this Easter


“I bought this egg already in two halves, but you could just cut one open with a hot knife”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 2

“Add chocolates. It reduces the number of spiders you need and it’s a consolation prize”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 3

“Oh look, my bag of 200 plastic spiders arrived!”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 4
girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 5

“Perfect for the arachnophobic in your life”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 1

“All in all, that’s about 100-120 plastic spiders”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 6

“You’ll need to melt some chocolate to stick the halves together”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 7

“Done! Once this has cooled you can use a sharp knife to shave down the excess”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 8

“Carefully wrapping it in the foil from a donor egg”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 9

“The perfect disguise”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 10

“It worked”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 11

“This photo may one day be evidence in a murder trial when she kills me”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 12

“Happy Easter!”

girlfriendaprilfoolseastereggspeedflychris 13


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