16 People Who Definitely Got The Job

There are so many people fighting for a few jobs that it makes it absolutely essential to stand out from the crowd.

Take notes if you need a job!

There are good and bad ways to do that, but the people you're about to see came up with some clever ways to stand out that have us thinking they definitely got the job!

1. Jameson, who just walked in and started working.

I mean sure, this could potentially land a person in some hot water if they were caught. But, it might also impress the boss enough to hire you for real! Just don't quote me on that.

2. Jack, who has the right answer for everything.

Handled like a BOSS. Not only is this a clever answer, it also shows he can think on his feet! It takes some serious confidence to turn spilling your drink into an opportunity.

3. Ok, so it's not a person. But this pigeon knows how to make a good first impression.

This bird is dressed to impress. It showed up dressed in business professional while the interviewers are clearly dressed in business casual. Solid first impression, bird.

4. This guy who has a unique skill set.

He knows how to balance his job assignments and can keep calm under pressure. See friends, you can spin all kinds of weird skills to your advantage!

5. Peggy Jane, who never misses an opportunity to plug her skills.

Submitting a resume is a crap shoot these days. With so many applicants competing for so few positions, writing your resume on a bathroom stall is one way to make yourself stand out. If nothing else, it shows resourcefulness.

6. This guy who delivers a tasty job performance.

After struggling to find a job, this guy took matters into his own hands. He pretended to be a delivery guy and hid his resume inside the donut box.

7. This applicant who found a simple, yet effective job application method.

Apparently, this worked and the person actually got the job! As long as your skills can back it up, this is a clever way to show your personality.

8. Mark, the professional streaker who is available for any and all events.

I'm not gonna lie, his widespread experience is impressive. You know you take your job seriously when you have travelled to 22 countries to get the job done right!

9. This guy who knows how to dress for success.

He says he's ready for his job interview, although I'm not sure where exactly that is. I do know one thing though, he's gonna rock it. Anyone willing to roam around town dressed as the Hulkster clearly has confidence through the roof!

10. This guy who used his head to submit an application.

When he applied for a marketing job for an NBA team, he hid a USB with his resume on it inside a 3D figurine he printed of himself.

11. This guy who knows how to prioritize.

I mean, it really doesn't take that long to put pants on, but maybe he was busy practicing for the interview. Better hope they don't ask him to stand up!

12. Bamie Boliver, who applied for a job at a food website by making a fake cook book.

OK, obviously this guy's name isn't really Bamie Boliver, but the name hovers on that fine line between ridiculous and clever. The perfect way to entice prospective employers to read your resume.

13. Nicholas, the chocolate bar resume, marketing genius.

A solid resume that leaves your prospective employer with a sweet aftertaste. Brilliant! After seeing this, I feel the need to totally overhaul my resume. Anyone who doesn't hire this guy is a fool, a fool I say! But don't worry, he got the job.

14. This engineer who has a creative side.

When he heard about a game design job at Wizards of the Coast, this guy knew his computer/electrical engineer resume would read as super dry to a creative company. He got creative instead. His resume and cover letter are inside the "summoning" tablets.

15. Eric, who writes one hell of an honest resume.

He's a straight shooter, you can't deny him that! This kind of wit is a great way to up your resume game if you lack real job experience...to a point. I definitely wouldn't advise applying for a banking job with a resume like this.

16. Sylvester, the entrepreneur who knows how to think outside the coff...errr, box.

Way to take control of an untapped market! I think this guy could seriously up his business if he provided a video clip of said "Bahamian hollering."


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