Monopoly Has Finally Released A Friends Edition For Some Pure 90s Nostalgia

The official Monopoly board game version has been doing the rounds on social media after it was released on The Works' official website just two days ago.

Could it be any more amazing?

Just think of the opportunities - nabbing shares for Central Perk, going straight to Ross 'n' Rachel jail, passing go to collect some Smelly Cat tokens... the possibilities are endless.

The board itself allows you to stop at some of the most popular spots of the show and you get to play as either Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joe, Monica, or Chandler. So it's a clear case of 'choose your favourite character'... or fight over them, depending on who's the most popular.

Basically it's the perfect way to go over some of your most favourite moments from the infamous sitcom (while also probably getting into a massive fight with the family - it's the Monopoly way).

In addition to the Friends board, there are quite a few other interesting one's out there that are bound to get any family gaming feud going.

There's been loads of versions over the years from Disney to Harry Potter, and we've played them all. However, this latest release is likely to get dog-lovers excited.

It's called Dog-Opoly and it basically does what it says on the tin - it's a Monopoly board all about dogs. What's not to love?

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It's all pretty simple, and the rules are more or less the same as a regular game of the classic board game, but instead of places, you buy your favourite dogs. You can even become the proud owner of a butcher shop or the ever popular fire hydrant.

You'll collect $200 whenever you pass Go Fetch, or you might be forced to cough up $200 because you have the dreaded fleas. Uh-oh!

The game tokens have also had a canine update too.

Or if you're one of those evil cat people, Cat-Opoly is also available.

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