13 Devilish Food Pranks For This April Fool’s Day

The thing about tricks is that everybody anticipates that you will do them on April Fools Day yet nobody anticipates that you will do them on the day preceding or the following day.

 Here are some awesome pranks for this April fool’s day.

Remember that while perusing this rundown of simple sustenance tricks anybody can pull off on any day of the year.

1. Easter Eggs

The way that Easter Sunday falls on April Fools Day this year implies that it will be ready for tricks simply like this one, which requires a great deal of exertion yet isn’t super mean.

2. Cookie Maybe?

This is really an extremely decent trick. It would seem that eggs and toast, yet indeed, the entire dish is made out of treats! That is a win-win.

3. Mintos Icecubes

This trick is marginally meaner yet in addition way more entertaining. Place Mentos in ice 3D squares and serve them to your pop adoring companions. Pop blasts will result.

4. Pudding Cake

This trick is adequate in light of the fact that it doesn’t include any genuine mayonnaise. On the off chance that it was a different way place mayo in the pudding glasses, it would be unspeakably cruel. Click next for more.

5. Raisin Or Choco Chip

Presently this is extremely mean! There’s nothing very as shocking as gnawing into a raisin when you were persuaded it was a chocolate chip.

6. Can You Dare To Try?


If I were in the workplace and somebody did this, I wouldn’t attempt one of the doughnuts. Clearly, there wasn’t, in reality, any sriracha in them, so just the overcome were rewarded.

7. Some M&M’s

This is truly the work of the devil. Everyone knows M&M’s are far superior to both Skittles and Reese’s Pieces, and I don’t want to have to work to find them.

8. King Cake

Amusing. It resembles the King Cake for Mardi Gras, just roughly 10 million times grosser.

9. Voodoo Donuts

When you go and see this. You just can’t resist yourself and proceed without thinking it’s April 1st. That is just really heartbreaking.

10. Caramel Apples

As somebody who dependably utilizes a blade to cut her caramel apples, I would not succumb to this trap. I recommend you do likewise.

11. Rasberry Pie

Tell your friends you made a pie and then serve them this, which looks like raspberry cream and chocolate mousse but is actually meat and mashed potatoes that have been dyed pink. Hey, you didn’t say it was a sweet pie!

12. Sauce In Soda Cup

The old hot sauce in the pop glass trap is extremely just for the individuals who couldn’t care less about losing their companion until the end of time. It’s an extremely mean one.

13. That’s Gross

I take it back; this one is route more regrettable than hot sauce in a pop glass. That is moment upchuck material in that spot.


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