Yes, DeLorean Is Working On A Flying Robot Car For The Masses

Self-driving, autonomous cars are all the rage these days. It seems like it's only a matter of time before human drivers won't be necessary.

 Our childhood dream car just got an upgrade...

This is all cool, futuristic stuff. But if you want to check out the absolute coolest, most futuristic car that's currently in development, don't look to the roads — look to the skies.

Remember Back to the Future?

Of course you do. It's hard to forget the DeLorean time machine that Doc Brown rigs up. It's got gull-wing doors, sleek '80s lines, and weapons-grade plutonium. (I mean, how else are you going to travel back in time)?

The DeLorean DMC-12 was a real car.

It's the only car ever produced by the DeLorean Motor Company. Less than 10,000 were produced during the early '80s, and it's become not just a collector's item, but also an enduring piece of pop culture.

DeLorean Motor Company is long gone.

But the nephew of the founder of the original company, Paul DeLorean, has started his own business — DeLorean Aerospace.

The DeLorean DMC-12 is the most '80s thing imaginable. DeLorean Aerospace, however, is the most 2010s thing imaginable.

DeLorean Aerospace is working on a flying car.

The DeLorean in Back to the Future could fly and travel back in time, so long as it had a driver. DeLorean Aerospace's new concept vehicle can't go back in time, but it can totally fly — and it won't even need a driver.


The car is capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

That means it won't need a long runway to take off since it can go straight up and straight down like a helicopter.

It can carry two passengers.

Right now it needs a driver, but DeLorean is hard at work on making it fully autonomous. The fully electric vehicle has a range of about 120 miles.

It takes off using fans and flies using wings.

Despite the wingspan, this vehicle is fairly compact — about 20 feet long and 18 feet wide, smaller than most small aircrafts.

It's still just a concept.

But DeLorean is proving that their idea works. It may be awhile before we have our own robotic flying cars, but we're closer than we've ever been.


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