20 Pictures by a Polish Artist Who Sees the World From All Angles

The Polish artist, Pawel Kuczynski is one of the brightest satirists of modern times. In his works, he thinks about poverty, the cruelty of war, violence and other vices that modern society is susceptible to. Using satire,

We collected 20 of the artist’s brightest works that will change your view of the world.

Pawel Kuczynski tries to open people’s eyes so that they can see the world’s real problems. “I’m just trying to use the symbols that everyone understands,” says Kuczynski.

1. Family dinner

2. Benefit

3. Dove of peace

4. Perfect garden

5. Adam and Eve

6. Confession

7. Truce

8. Propaganda

9. Cleaning

10. Love is when the brain takes a break.


11. Freedom

12. Bath

13. Gossip

14. Words

15. Iceberg

16. Sharks

17. Breaking news

18. Voyage

19. Blinders

20. Islands


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