20 Powerful Examples of Social Advertising That Fight for a Better Future

The aim of social advertising is to reach our hearts, open our eyes to the uncomfortable truth, and hopefully encourage us to act.

Brilliant ways to wake people up

While looking at these, you’ll find it impossible to remain indifferent.

“Victims are people just like you and me.” — A Christian ad campaign to abolish torture

“When the woods go, wildlife goes.”

“Save paper — save the planet.”

“Plastic bags kill.”

“There’s a friend request you won’t regret accepting. Adopt.”

Make-A-Wish social project fulfills the wishes of seriously ill children because, “Sometimes the best medicine of all is called hope.”

“Life is a gift.” — Donorship social advertising

“Don’t let garbage replace wildlife.”

“Let nature be your guide.” — An invitation to a wildlife sanctuary where people can see animals in their natural habitats

“Sometimes imagination is the only way.” — Social advertising against child abuse


“Don’t skip this. Don’t let the indifference become reality.”

“Every year 8 million tons of waste are discharged into the ocean.”

“If he was your pet, you’d protect his habitat.”

“57% of young Indian men and 53% of Indian women believe that a husband is often justified in beating his wife.”

“Social contact can be frightening for people with autism.”

“Cigarette butts are crashing our ecosystem.”

“Danger might be invisible at first.” — A warning against human trafficking .

Social advertising about the harm of drinking alcohol

“Not all scars are visible.” — Social advertising against family violence

Social advertising that brings attention to the problem of child suicide caused by stress at schools


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