35 Images So Perfect That No Amount of Photoshop Can Revamp

photographer’s luck of being at the right place and at the right moment

Inaccurate picture of reality
It is true. We have come up with technological inventions so advanced that we can make the real world look even more beautiful than it is.

Some would say that the advancement really does not serve us much good, as it presents an inaccurate picture of reality – almost artificial.

While there is a specific power in having the chance to represent the world on photos just as the way one imagines it, and not like it actually is, there is nothing more beautiful when nature strikes in its full glory. When core beauty is accompanied by a perfectly timed moment and a bit of photographer’s luck of being at the right place and at the right moment, Photoshop or any other photo enhancer is obsolete. See for yourself:

The chosen canine

Amsterdam aerial view

Asian flying lanterns

The extreme jump at just the right moment

Ants gathered around a drop

Winter and autumn share a Colorado mountain

Going through the sound barrier

Just a day at work catching clouds

Misty San Francisco

The perfect sledging photograph on Greenland

The contrast of a red-eyed green reptilian on Costarica

A dandelion with a halo

Ice and rocks in perfect cohesion

A Canadian lake panorama

The stillness of meditative prayer

Frozen Jeep ghost

A Russian snowy village near Arkhangelsk

Yunan, China

Formation of a huge sand dune

Hello, butterfly friend!

Sea eating the sand beach

Drawing the perfect line on an iced lake with a flashlight

Double flew

Red Super Moon rising

Hot water splashed on Antarctica

North Korean audience in a public celebration

Japanese temple covered in ash from a volcanic explosion

Rapeseed planes

It looks like it caught the world

A show by the Royal Navy

Russian never-ending forest

Rotating tennis ball

Striking urban contrast

Cherries in water

Italian beach


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