Annoying Neighbors Ever: 10 Real Confessions Of Neighborhood Fights

When it comes to your place of residence, you don’t get to pick your neighbors. It’s just like your family; you’re stuck with them whether they’re nuts or not. It doesn’t matter whether you own or rent; whoever resides beside you can be hard to get rid of.

10 of the worst neighbours ever to have existed.

Read on to see stories that will make you thankful that you have great neighbors, or maybe they’ll make you weep because you know exactly what these people are going through.

1. Throwing TVs

These are the hardest type of neighbors to control. “Every time they threw a party, a TV would get thrown out a window or balcony. Not a flat screen, a tube TV. It would just fall from the heavens and explode, sounding like a car crash. Happened 4 times in one semester. TVs that were being constantly thrown out the window.

2. House of Horrors

This neighbor had weird hobbies that caused her yard to be hazardous. There were often shards of glass around, nails, and shockingly enough, animal carcasses. One neighbor was the neighbor from hell. She would often toss her bizarre litterings in her neighbor’s yard as well, and every day was a surprise. She even had a fun little habit of blasting the neighbor’s house with floodlights.

3. Cat Piss

When everyone in a building can smell the cat’s urine, then you know you have a real problem. In this case, these poor neighbors could barely stand the smell. “In an apartment. It turns out one of my neighbors had 30 cats in her apartment.” Well, that would certainly explain the smell.

4. The Hoarder

Hoarding is a mental illness that can certainly affect people around the hoarder. These poor people dealt with a hoarder that just went out of control. “Guy next door was a hoarder (junk on front and back porch, a door that won’t open) and never cut his grass.At one point, he was stealing our water. We suspect he didn’t have electric either.”

5. Pooing in the Yard

One of the neighbors was literally training the dog to poo in any yard but his own. “My neighbors have 3 dogs, which they let outside twice a day to poop. The dogs are friendly and not very loud… except they always sh!t on our lawn. My husband and I have actually seen our neighbors encourage their dogs to use our lawn.

6. Building a Wall

We’ve all heard plenty about wall-building these days, but could you imagine if your neighbor built a 16-foot wall around his house? Apparently, he wanted to make sure he had no dealings whatsoever with his neighbor.“Go ahead, complain some more. I can totally make this wall higher.” He sounds like a real nut job.

7. House of Rats

Here came mice. Then came RATS. About once a month, we’d call 911 on them because we’d find one of them passed out in the parking lot, or on the doorstep, or on the stairs from neighbors. They came over and asked if it was us who kept calling 911. Then, they cussed us out because they didn’t have insurance.

8. House of Poo

Paula Bolli, ordered 60 cubic yards of horse sh*t to be dropped in her own yard. She did it to piss her neighbor off during a feud that had lasted 20 years. Not only was the poo providing a horrible stench, but it attracted a ton of rats that wanted to eat the leavings. An evil thing.

9. Wicked Witch

This neighbor became verbally abusive toward children. “When my siblings and I were young, we used to have a neighbor that apparently despised children. She was pretty old and lived alone, from what I could remember. If we were outside playing, she would have a tantrum and yell abuse at us. She started throwing stuff over the fence and, at one point, threw a brick.

10. Religious Fanatics

It can be painful to have religious fanatics living beside you if they think that you’re destined for hell. “I have SUPER religious neighbors. They hang signs for the local church camp on their property etc. They kept putting out garbage cans in our driveway then I put on my velvet ritual cloak and made a show of putting a salt circle around my property, chanting and carrying on. Never bothered me again.”


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