This Woman Went Under The Knife To Make Herself Look Like Adult Star

How many times did you face a situation with your significant other that you didn’t matter? There are times when you face and are left crippled about the fact your boyfriend doesn’t like how you are. This kind of criticism can cause great impact on the person in love.

Her Boyfriend’s Favorite Adult Star

You do things just to make sure they are happy. This can really cause a great emotional and psychological harm. It’s like Manipulating that person according to you and making them feel that they don’t deserve better. Here’s a same kind of story that this girl faced and changed herself totally.

Pressure From The Boyfriend

Here is this type of dilemma that Berry Ng, when she was in her late teens. The Hong-Kong based Youtuber, now 22 she started to face the pressure from her boyfriend to change her looks.

Not Healthy Comparison

Her boyfriend who was nine years older to her used to admire the supermodels and compared his girlfriend with them. He wanted her to change her appearance just because he wanted to see her like them.

American Psychiatrist Jeffrey A. Lieberman

Jeffrey A. Lieberman, the director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute, agrees, the subject of abuse doesn’t leave because their self-esteem is so low that they feel they won’t be able to find someone else or they deserve better.

A Task To Please A Man

We can go so far for pleasing someone that we don’t realize it can be harmful to our health. It’s especially when your boyfriend is influenced by the adult stars who are embedded with more silicon than on the beach of Hawaii.

In The Beginning Of The Relationship

The beginning of the relationship was really smooth but gradually he started to criticise the looks of 21 years old Berry. During the lovemaking act, he insisted her to watch adult movies and after watching he ended up saying “how big, how great” While he stared at the adult star’s breast.


That Tough Decision

After a lot of thinking, she decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery for her boyfriend. She wanted her looks to be like the adult superstar which her boyfriend drooled over the screen. In an attempt to please him, she went under the plastic surgery which changed her face totally including her forehead, lips, eyelids, and nose and leaving her looking like a completely different person.

He Didn’t Even Notice The Changes

After all these changes she went under her boyfriend didn’t even notice the changes in her. He just shrugged and said why did you bother. Even after 30 surgeries she just looked like fresh-faced 21 years old she was before she met the man.

The Outburst Of Regret

Berry after 30 plastic surgeries regretted about her decision to change her appearance for someone who so obviously didn’t care. She released a video about her experience and with a message of not changing for anybody who didn’t really care.


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