21 Annoying Movie Clichés That Never Fail To Piss People Off

The BuzzFeed recently asked members of the Community to tell which movie clichés annoy the hell out of them.

Why does nobody eat the food they order at restaurants?

Here are some of their responses!

1. People waking up in hospital and immediately being alert enough to pull out their IV drips.

 Hannah F

– Hannah F.

2. Defibrillators having magical properties that can bring people back to life, even when not used properly.

"As an ER nurse, it drives me CRAZY that when a patient goes into cardiac arrest, they always show asystole (flat line) on the cardiac monitor, but they somehow get them back with one shock from the defibrillator. That’s not a shockable rhythm and getting someone back from cardiac arrest is not even close to that easy."

– haleyh48438e349

3. Characters at bars never having to pay or show ID.

"Where are these bartenders that just give out free drinks to random people?"

– Jpbaker

4. People wearing shoes on their bed.

"Seriously who does that?!"

– simis3

5. Women still being hairless with groomed eyebrows in the midst of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

"In films that take place in a post-apocalyptic setting, women somehow still have shaven armpits/legs, perfectly plucked eyebrows, clear skin and sometimes still wear make up! Even if they had the time/supplies to shave/apply makeup, I'm pretty sure they won't care about all that if they're fearing for their lives."

– loisburgess22

6. Nobody ever saying "goodbye" on the phone and always hanging up instead.

"When people in movies are on the phone to someone but they never end the conversation saying bye, and hang up for dramatic effect. Literally no conversation in real life ends like that!"

– madelinep44f00b9af

7. The over-use of "it's showtime!"

"Anytime a group of people with guns is about to go on a manoeuvre, or a crime spree, or into a battle zone, someone will say “showtime!” and it ruins everything."

– davidcrose89

8. Women wearing tank tops and underwear to bed.

21 Annoying Movie Clichs That Never Fail To Piss People Off
21 Annoying Movie Clichs That Never Fail To Piss People Off

"Biggest cliché is that the vast majority of women sleep in their underwear and a tiny little top. Reality is we sleep in oversized T-shirts and that pair of leggings that have one too many rips/food stains on to wear in public."

– Louise Price

9. Women always wearing men's button-down shirts as a ~sexy~ outfit.

"The dress shirt magically fits like a sexy short nightie. That's not how that would work. No way in hell my ass and boobs would be covered by my husband's button-down shirts. It makes no fucking sense. It's saying the guy is a big muscle man and the woman is a dainty tiny thing. I'm sure there's couple where this works but no way it works for every couple ever."

– nyonnotti

10. A character switching on the news and it always being conveniently related to the plot in that moment.

"The fact that whenever they turn on the TV, the news channel is reporting on that exact crime that same moment. They could easily change this to the characters checking that news on social media sites or someone forwarding that news to their messengers."

– emutually

11. A nerdy character explaining something and someone replying with "in English please."


– kavehh

12. Women pretty much never going into battle with their hair pulled back.

"I don't care if it looks pretty, no real-life woman would ever willingly enter a fight without pulling her hair back first, do you realise how annoying having your hair in your face is when you're trying to concentrate?"

– rach_g_l

13. Any time that women vomit in movies, it's an indication of pregnancy.


– k4ff0bbdff

14. Every alien invasion involving a blue sky beam.

"Why do all evil aliens transcend from a swirling blue beam in the sky??? Do aliens love the colour blue? Are beams the most effective mode of extraterrestrial transportation?"

– JordanLilly


15. Kids in movies being super-precocious and wise.

"The precocious child who says really sassy and clever things and never gets in trouble even though most kids at age three talk about Power Rangers rather than give their parents relationship advice."

– eviem48fbd8f63

16. Movies pretending that slim female characters eat nothing but junk food all the time and never exercise.

"They act like a woman who is played by a super-toned, skinny, and traditionally attractive actress lives off of beer and cheeseburgers and never works out. It's supposed to either signal that the girl is a 'hot mess' which makes her more relatable or a cool girl who can hang with the guys – it's the 'I love a girl who can eat' trope from a guy who wants a girl who is 'low maintenance' but has a physical appearance that, frankly, probably requires a lot of maintenance. I hate it because it totally sets unrealistic expectation in both men and women and it takes me out of the story."

– Brooke Randell

17. Conveniently shaped bedsheets covering women from the chest down, but not men.

 Kee Llewellyn via Facebook

– Kee Llewellyn

18. People planning dates without exchanging any important details.

"Oh my god the absolute WORST THING is when someone asks someone they barely know on a date, they accept, and then they say 'I’ll pick you up at 8' and walk away WITHOUT EVEN ASKING WHERE TO PICK THEM UP FROM OR THEIR PHONE NUMBER?!?! It drives me craaaaaazy. Do they just read the other person’s mind??? Do they just guess where the other person lives???"

– emilyw49ad22cd5

19. Nobody actually eating the food they order at restaurants.

"People are always ordering food or drinks in restaurants and bars but leave without touching them. Or paying for them! Particularly noticeable in Grease at the diner, right before ‘Beauty School Dropout’."

– LeopardHat

20. People drinking from obviously empty cups.

"Never ever are to-go cups filled with something. Never...they are so light you can see it."

– Bel La Alegría Reith via Facebook

21. And of course, girls only being considered attractive once they straighten their hair and get rid of their glasses.

"The ugly/undesirable girl is always the one with curly hair and glasses. She only becomes pretty and more socially inviting by changing her hair and wearing contacts. Really? No...really?! Is this even a real-life thing?"

– izzie14


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