10 Lifelong Couples Who Will Teach You About REAL #RelationshipGoals

This article are the charming couples that will show you why.

These people prove that love can last a lifetime!

They prove that with a little work, and a lot of fun, you can have an accomplice will’s identity your closest companion, through various challenges, sickness and wellbeing, until the point that demise do you part.

1. The man understands that holding a purse doesn’t make you less of a man, it makes you more of one.

Awwwww…. This so cute..

2. The best part of getting older? Giving zero effs that people are staring. The only person whose opinion you care about, is already your dance partner.

They are dancing like a pro.

3. Love really is blind. And it’s adorable.

My god he is genius.

4. Love is having somebody’s hand to hold for your whole life, and as you’ll see on the following page, that can be for quite a while!

Together forever.

5. Those that go to Chicago Cubs games together, remain together.


The coolest couple ever…

6. I don’t mind that they’re seniors, this is virtuoso!

Why should kids have all the fun ??

7. You’re never excessively old, making it impossible to begin getting into some yoga!

They might need to consider getting some yoga pants however…

8. This couple got married on the bride’s birthday…

when she turned 100-years of age! What’s more, the groom couldn’t be more joyful, “When I saw her close up, I saw how beautiful she was” he said. I cherish this story, and love the following one as well!

9. Young person PDA has got NOTHING on this cute couple.

Wooooh… The love is in the air..

10. This couple isn’t just #relationshipgoals, they’re just #humangoals in general!

The Weirdos…


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