Banksy Is Back And Here Are His Newest Murals Spotted In New York

Known for his satirical style and political remarks, Banksy never misses an opportunity to make a statement. Murals of this iconic graffiti artist have been popping up all around New York City for a while now, and 2018 is no exception.

It's the first time the street artist has made new work in New York since 2013.

His latest piece rests on an abandoned gas station, located in Midwood, Brooklyn. It portrays a man who appears to be a real estate developer, stock-lashing and driving away a group of people. Capitalism aside, Banksy continues to comment on political issues as well. Another popular mural he produced in 2018 addresses the imprisonment of Zehra Doğan. She was sentenced by a court in Turkey to two years and nine months in prison for painting an image of the destroyed Kurdish-majority city of Nusaybin, obliterated by the Turkish government forces.

Gas station in Midwood, Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn

A seal balancing a balloon on its nose, gas station in Midwood, Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn

Mural Protesting the imprisonment of Turkish artist Zehra Dogan, Bowery Houston Wall in Manhattan


This is the painting of Zehra Dogan, for which she was sentenced to nearly three years in jail

The painting was projected above the mural

Rat at 14th Street and Sixth Avenue

Raise the drawbridge, Hull


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