16 Eerie Pictures That Play Tricks on Your Mind

Illustrator Stefan Koidl is well aware of the fact that some of the greatest human fears are generated inside our heads and not in real life.


In his works, he creates mysterious, chilling, intimidating, but at the same time a completely mesmerizing and intriguing world.

Welcome to the mysterious supernatural world!

A clown with candy isn’t always fun.

When you’re in a forest and it feels like someone is watching you:

Be careful, the walls have more than just ears.

Your fears can come to life here.

A trip to the unknown

It’s not the best time to clean…

Inside an abandoned house in Chernobyl


A TV can save you from loneliness.

It’s Christmas Eve.

Fear is everywhere.

Eerie cats are hiding in the shadows.

But they’re not the worst thing…

A dream might never end.

It’s the worst kind of nightmare.

But don’t forget that fear has magnifying eyes.



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