Rainbow Buildings Snatched on Urban Architectural Images

Berlin must be an awesome city for an enjoyable walk and sight-seeing

Vibrant buildings collection
Architecture photography is a challenge for urban photographers and few are lucky to live in areas with great buildings which make their photo adventures easier. The rest usually need to travel to larger cities so that they can indulge in the greatest architecture as not much is available in the places where they usually dwell. Luckily, Paul Eis has the happy opportunity to live in Berlin. Berlin is one amazing place, not only for the abundance of colorful buildings that are Paul Eis’ favorite but also for its artistic spirit and an abundant creative heaven.

If you love modern architecture and want to know Berlin, this is an Instagram account that you don’t want to miss. While we can not keep up with all images that Paul uploads there, here is a great selection from the vibrant buildings collection. It looks like Berlin must be an awesome city for an enjoyable walk and sight-seeing.


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