16 Neat Pics That Make Us Look At The World In A New Way

Warning: If you're anything like me, some of these pictures may result in you wandering over to Wikipedia to learn more.

Awesome world around us

That could lead to a spiral down the wiki-wormhole and experiencing an extreme loss of time.

On a positive note, at least you will have learned something new.

Other pics in this list are less dangerous to your productivity, but still pretty darn cool.

1. An overhead view of Ikea.

An Ikea store is basically just a giant warehouse, and images like this one are an illustration of how they do such a good job of making the space feel friendly and homey.

2. Just a mama chicken keeping her babies warm.

We have a strange relationship with chickens. We prevent many of their possible babies from being born just so we can eat them, and we rarely consider what they're like as mothers.

The answer, apparently, is cuddly.

3. This is a cross-section of a submarine communication cable.

As of 2015, there are 285 of these bad boys snaking across the oceans, carrying as much as 99% of the world's internet traffic.

Also, fun fact: Sharks really like gnawing on them for some reason.

4. This zinnia flower is the first to bloom in outer space.

It bloomed in 2016 as part of NASA's experiments in growing plants in microgravity. It's pretty, but more importantly, it showed that growing crops is possible for long distance space travel.

5. It takes a lot of engineering to build the foundations for new bridges.

This is called a "cofferdam," a temporary structure that creates an almost watertight barrier. Once the walls are up, the water is pumped out to let workers build without needing diving equipment.

6. This local newspaper prints a digest of activity on their Facebook page.

Presumably, this for those readers who aren't as tech-savvy, but if so, what do they make of things like "168 like, 14 love, 3 wow, 1 mad"?

7. The Northern Lights from the cockpit of a Lockheed U-2.

These spy planes fly at incredibly high altitudes, so high that the pilots have to wear pressure suits similar to those of astronauts.

8. Sometimes you can see another plane from your window seat.

This is both beautiful and eerie. Like, you know intellectually that you're in a giant metal tube far above the clouds, but it's different to see it from the outside at the same time.

9. This is an ice sheet that stuck around after the flood waters had receded.

If I was a kid, this would be the coolest discovery. I'd want to turn it into a fort for however long it lasted. My parents would be very upset about the mud.

10. Apparently, scallops are farmed in nets a lot like those mesh hanging shelves I had in the '90s.

After scallops mature past their larvae stage, they're moved to farm sites, where they are either hung in nets like these or along the bottom of the water.

11. An astronaut's sleeping chamber is sideways.

Without gravity, there's no satisfying sink into a mattress at the end of the day. Instead, astronauts secure themselves into sleeping bags on the wall.

12. An eagle's feet and talons compared to a human hand.

I would not want to be the fish or rodent that got scooped up in those!

Bonus fact: Real eagle calls are so silly, they've been dubbed over in media to sound more impressive.

13. This building's ivy wall is peeling off to reveal nearly perfect brick.

Ivy is divisive. Some love the look, and others hate how it gets into the mortar and damages structural integrity. I guess this wall proves that you can't have one without the other.

14. Camera technology can make the word seem really creepy sometimes.

Many camera shutters take pictures in slices from left to right or top to bottom, but this happens fast enough not to make a difference.

In this case, the fraction of a second was fast enough to catch the girl at different points in her jump.

15. These buildings are all peaking out over Dubai's clouds.

This pic makes it more clear how much taller the Burj Khalifa is compared to other impressive skyscrapers. It would be really cool to look out those high windows.

16. How's this for a bit of perspective?

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is 630 feet tall, but it's hard to understand what that means until you see this technician inspecting it.


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