17 Interesting Vending Machines in Japan You'll Be Surprised to Know Exist

Japan is the undisputed home of the vending machine. They can be found in huge racks in train stations and on street corners all over the country providing everything from hot ramen noodles to fresh eggs.

Japan has a reputation for the weirdest and most wonderful vending machines. From dispensing apples to underwear, here is a list of some of the best vending machines in Japan.

We have scoured the internet and selected 17 of the most interesting vending machines from the land of the rising sun.

1. Instant frozen coke? Just turn your bottle upside down

Frozen slushies are one thing, but what about a coke that transforms into a frozen drink in front of your eyes?

This amazing vending machine from Japan deposits an ordinary cola into your hand which then turns into a slushie once you turn it upside down. Genius.

2. We all need energy to have a good time

The work hours in Japan are notoriously long, so it makes sense to have a combination condom and energy drink vending machine. We all want to have a good time, you just sometimes need a little pick-me-up to do so.

3. Keep yourself germ-free with handy surgical masks

Japan is a very polite country and one that is quite germ-phobic. It is considered very rude to blow your nose on a tissue and then shove it back in your pocket.

This vending machine dispenses surgical masks so you can cover your mouth and nose if you have a cold as not to infect your fellow commuters. Or if you are paranoid that others are not doing the right thing, simply slip one on to stay disease free.

4. This puppy vending machine delivers your new BFF in seconds

Japanese pet stores are known for what appears to be puppy and kitten vending machines. These clear boxes with adorable animals have a door on the front and each animal is individually priced.

Looks like a vending machine to us! While we hope there is a little more attention paid to who is buying these cute little animals, this seems like one of those things that could only happen in Japan.

5. Instant shot of rice wine while you wait for your train

The famous Japanese wine, made from rice is available in vending machines at Niigata Station. Sake is usually served with food but if you need a quick shot of liquor, this is the vending machine for you.

The machine offers a range of sakes to try ranging in alcohol strength.

6. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

In a country where everyone seems to be busy, it makes sense that there are vending machines dedicated to basic groceries. Especially ones that will keep you healthy.

If you need the satisfying crunch of an apple, look for the fruit vending machine at your local train station. There is a banana version of the machine too if that is more to your preference.

7. Never mind about spilling your soup again

On your way to a date and didn’t have time to change or just spilled some ramen all down your front? Never fear - the t-shirt vending machine is here.

Selling basic t-shirts in a huge range of colors, you can pick up a basic t-shirt for just a few dollars.

8. Don’t bother with a cafe, this latte art vending machine has you covered

You don’t need to go to a fancy cafe to experience the joy of latte art in Japan. Just look out for this cute vending machine and order your cute image on top of your daily caffeine fix.

One of these machines has been spotted at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, where a decorated cup of coffee will cost about 200 yen (a little over US$2).

9. Stay devout with an instant prayer card

If you have ever visited a Japanese shrine, you will have seen a large amount of Ema’s or prayer cards hanging outside.

At the Haneda Airport, you can purchase an Ema with a wish or prayer inscribed on it for 500 Yen.

10. Don’t mistake this flying fish soup with a refreshing juice

Each bottle of this soup contains one grilled mackerel in some delicious dashi stock. Apparently, the contents of this odd-looking bottle are the basis of a delicious meal.


Dashi stock is used widely in Japanese cooking, it is often made from kombu (kelp) or katsuobushi (dried smoked bonito flakes). It can also be made from mushrooms or in this case, flying fish.

11. The gift for every occasion- instantly

The perfect last-minute gift, this flower vending machine might not only save you time but your relationship too!

12. Could this hamburger vending machine put McDonald's out of business?

When fast food, just isn’t fast enough. Look for this crazy concept of a hamburger vending machine. A Tokyo restaurant has installed a vending machine at the front of its shop that it regularly fills with burgers. If you have no time to order, simply drop in some coins and be rewarded with a fresh(ish) burger.

The machine can pop out a classic cheeseburger in no time. We aren’t sure if they are good enough to put the golden arches out of business just yet but it sounds like a pretty good late night snack to us.

13. Satisfy your French cravings with this neat crepe machine

If you can make a hamburger in a vending machine, then a round of crepes seems really easy. This vending machine dispenses fresh crepes with cream fruit and even caramel. The tasty treat pops out in a nicely designed glass bottle to avoid being squashed.

14. Fresh underwear available 24/7

We don’t want to get into who the main customers are for this particular vending machine, but if urban myths have any truth in them it seems as though it isn’t women buying this minimalist underwear.

15. The Playboy mansion brews a decent coffee

Again an odd combination of sex and energy. We have seen playboy branded clothing but never coffee. For some reason, the Playboy brand decided it would lend its name to this odd looking instant coffee machine.

16. It’s party time all the time

If you have a spur-of-the moment desire to create a party, this vending machine has everything you need to decorate to ensure a festive atmosphere.

17. Don’t arrive underdressed

Being inappropriately dressed at a Japanese business meeting is a huge faux pas. But this vending machine will ensure that scenario never happens again. You can purchase a necktie in a range of fashion patterns for just a few yen.


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