10 Of the Most Unfathomable and Bizarre Trends in the World

Trendsetters are a bizarre lot nowadays. While the likes of Lady Gaga restrict her bizarre getups to costumes and fashion, there are others who go as far as modifying their bodies all because of starting some fancy trend or the other.

The world has quite a lot of unique trendsetters who almost impossible to understand.

Take a look at 10 bizarre trends of the century.

10. Tooth Sharpening

This Dracula type trend is quite popular in some cultures and has now taken off as a popular trend in certain parts of the world. Teeth are sharpened manually to compliment other modified body parts.

Tooth Sharpening

9. Long Hair

Rapunzel didn’t just exist in fairy stories. Some women and men too are growing their hair that would put even Rapunzel to shame. Asha Mandela grew her hair to 56 feet which weighed 56 pounds.

World's Long Hair

8. Tattoo

A common trait among people worldwide but there are many who take it to the extreme. Full body tattoos are the rage among many eccentric men and women. Getting inked is the in thing nowadays. However for those choosing to change their body entirely is quite a challenge as you can regret this later.

full body Tattoo

7. Long Nails

One of the most inconvenient trends to go by because who would anyone perform even the smallest of tasks with such long nails. 78 year old Sridhar Chillar from India has been growing his nails since 1952 and holds the Guinness record for the man with the longest nails in the world.

Long Nails

6. Tongue Splitting

Now this is definitely bizarre where some weird people actually get their tongues cut from the tip to 5 cm back. This results in a split tongue much like a viper with two wriggly tongues.

Tongue Splitting

5. Nail Art

Not so bizarre this one and quite a fun trend in the name of fashion. It takes a trained beautician to make your nails look like a work of art. Moreover those serious on the trend decorate their nails with jewelry and other times. However there are plenty of amateur sets to have fun at home too.

Nail Art

4. Bagel Heads

Bagel shaped heads could well be one of the most bizarre trends ever which originated in Canada. The forehead is made to swell in the shape of a doughnut or bagel using a saline drip. One can’t figure out why people would want to distort themselves.

Bagel Heads

3. Neck Rings

Neck rings are an age old ancient practice seen commonly among tribal women of Africa. Rings are added over time elongating the neck in the process which is regarded as a symbol of beauty. Although there are people in western culture who have attempted to experiment with the trend, it is difficult and can harm the spine and body.

Neck Rings

2. Plastic Surgery

The most common of beauty trends widely practiced by those willing to pay for such procedures. Used for enhancing beauty and masking the effects of ageing, it is predominant among celebrities who love to look plastic.

Plastic Surgery

1. Face Modifications

One of the most bizarre trends practiced by people equally bizarre in nature. Imagine having a face that looks like a dog. What next?

Face Modifications


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