11 Times a Flat Tire didn't Stop Somebody from Moving

Flat tires can happen at any time, but luckily with modern tire technology, they are not that common. Once upon a time, tires were made of lower quality materials and finding them flattened easily was a collective experience. Being able to change the tires on your car was an essential skill for all drivers, and all cars were well equipped with the appropriate jack and wrench.

Flat tires aren't really a common occurrence, but if they happen – are you prepared with a jack and wrench?

These days if you get a flat tire, you are more likely to call an uber to come and pick you up than start wrestling with a tire lever.

While more uncommon, flat tires still do happen. But without a spare in your boot, what do you do? Try to find a creative solution naturally. In the spirit of nostalgia and comedy, here is a list of 11 best flat tire fails.

1. Got a trolley?

When this little blue car lost its rear tire, the solution also provided an opportunity for an extra passenger to hitch a ride. It's unclear if this car would move at all without this rear-facing passenger holding this piano trolley underneath, but it sure makes a great head-turning sight!

2. When two is better than one.

Here is another case of missing tire that got fixed with a very unobvious solution - a sack trolley with two tiny tires. This Nissan truck surprisingly seems to be driving down the road very well - but let's hope they aren't picking up any heavy loads.

3. Hoses are made of rubber, right?

Ingenuity and creativity do kick in when you lose a tire and need to get somewhere. In the case below, using a material that is slightly similar than a rubber tire worked just fine. This ingenious mechanic has wrapped a garden hose around the wheel. It won't get you very far, but it will still provide a smoother ride in comparison to just driving on the wheel rim itself.

4. There fixed it.

When money is short, fixing and mending is essential. But this temporary patch looks like a nightmare waiting to happen. Next time this tire blows, those around it can look forward to a shower of rivet shrapnel causing some damage. But until then, at least the tire is fixed.

5. You might need a bigger pump

The first thought when you encounter a flat tire might be - it just needs some air. If you are thinking of inflating a truck tire, you are going to want to invest in something a little more heavy duty than a bike pump.

6. All tires can fail.

Tires of every size and shape have the potential to get a flat. One way to guarantee you'll never experience a flat tire again is to do away with any inflated tube. In this case, a slice of tree trunk gives this lawnmower a distinctive Flinstones feel.


7. A tire is not a shoelace

Cuts in your tire will lead to a flat. Mending them might work but not if your skills look more like a beginner's attempt at tying a shoelace.

8. Duct tape always 'works.'

Duct tape is a bush mechanics best friend. It can be used to patch and repair almost anything...but not a tire. This poor attempt at repairing a flat tire was doomed from the start.

9. Size matters

If you need to get back on the road using whatever you have at hand then, in this case, choosing extremely tiny wheels and tires for the job is a matter of no wonder.

10. A wheel is a wheel

We aren't sure how the handling of this bike is like as its front wheel is replaced by a roller skate, but for sure this guy is getting some speed up. If you are in need of a new tire, any size and number seem to work.

11. One is better than two

If you are unlucky enough to have a double flat, it seems only logical to find a solution where you only need to use the one spare you are left with. This Audi won't be entering into a race anytime soon, but in the meantime at least it is still on the road.


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