18 Photos Guaranteed To Frustrate The Hell Out Of You

You should see this!

Why how why?!

1. When you get THIS "window seat":

2. When the Wi-Fi password is like this:

3. When the "on" button is red and the "off" button is green:

4. Literally any time it rains when you wear glasses:

5. This pencil set...WHYYYY:

6. The Ñ here is totally on the wrong item here:

7. Whose idea was this?!

8. Or THIS:

9. Don't get me started on these pointless sinks:


10. Or this person who used a water fountain as a trash can:

11. When they stuff the paper towels too tight and this happens:

12. Or the fact that THIS is men's pockets versus women's pockets:

13. Don't get me started on these MONSTERS:

They're impossible to open!

They're impossible to open!

14. Trying to cut an ice cream cake:

15. Just this entire fucking vending machine:

16. THESE brooms:

17. People who do THIS:

18. And finally, when you buy in-store versus online:


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