10 Brilliant Life Hacks That You Will Be Thankful For!

Every day is a new task and you have to balance things be it on the emotional front or doing your daily errands.

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While one cannot predict what is completely in store for u emotionally we can surely help u with your daily errands.

What to do when you lose your house keys?

If you have a habit of losing your house keys, here’s a quick fix. You can get a name tag keychain for your house keys, you can write your phone number or address on it, so when someone finds it, they can return it or they can use it to break in the house.

Never! say ‘it’s okay’ when someone says sorry!

When someone says sorry, never say ‘it’s okay’. By doing this you are letting the person know that his behavior was acceptable. You can say ‘Your apology is accepted’.

Best way to write a ‘Thank you’ note!

The best way to write a thank you note is writing it after a few glass of wine, it is said after having wine your notes will be more sincere and heartfelt.

Useful kitchen hack!

If you have a fridge is full of stale frozen food here’s an easy way to avoid it, you can try freezing them before cleaning them.

Alternate for pillow cover!


If your washing machine is full of dirty pillow covers and you have none left, try using your clean t-shirts instead!

Emergency money for the right situation!

There is always one moment in life when you get stuck in a tight situation and you have no money left, an easy fix for this. Next time keep a 20$ bill under your phone cover which you can use in emergencies!

How you handle more than one cat at a time!

If you already have a grumpy older cat at home and you want to get a new one, before introducing the new cat to the old one, brush the new cat with the older one’s brush. Now, the new cat also has the same sent as the old ones, this will help create better relations between them!

How to keep your wedding ring safe?

If you have a precious wedding ring which you don’t wanna lose, make sure you wear a fake one whenever you are going out so that you won’t risk losing it.

Never! use the phrase ‘No problem’!

Always use other phrases like “happy to help” or “glad it worked out.” For example: If you are buying your favorite ice cream from a store and the shopkeeper gives you the ice cream saying thank you, try saying ‘your welcome’ as you are the one paying for it.

How to correctly re-heat rice.

Make sure when you re-heat your rice, do not do it directly, first wrap it in a wet towel. The moisture from the wet towel will help keep your rice nicely warm and soft!


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