Commentator reacting to Iceland's winning goal

What pure happiness sounds like

The next round of the soccer competitio
This might be greatest piece of sports commentary you'll ever listen to — even if you can't understand it.

A dramatic match between Iceland and Austria was deadlocked at 1-1 on Wednesday at Euro 2016. Then, Iceland scored to take the team to the next round of the soccer competition.

Arnor Ingvi Traustason slid in the winning goal, which sparked the most incredible piece of elation you'll hear from a commentator in a long, long time. No prize for guessing which team he supports.

Iceland's football team has been the surprise performer at Euro 2016, tying with Hungary and heavyweight Portugal in previous matches. They face England next, where another strong performance is sure to earn the team plenty of praise, plus hopefully more joyful shrieking.


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