Ladies Bike That Looks Like it Came Out From the 50s Silver Screen

The charm of this unique girlish bicycle

Super cool bike
Inspired by the cult movie Ameliè, Andrei Avarvarii and Ema Morosan have teamed up to design this super cool bike that carries the air of 50s classic design. The clear lines, the light aqua blue color and full thick frame have a touch of romance to them, adding to the charm of this unique girlish bicycle.

While it may not be exactly up for speed racing, the gentle bike is perfect for pin up grooming, easy-breezy strolling, picking up groceries and spring wandering around town to meet up your friends.

A large compartment is at the front so that you can carry all that you need for yourself. Do not worry – pedals are adapted for heels to make your favorite dress combos. The two-wheeler is just the right thing for being the girliest girl in the world.


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