Here’s How You Can Differentiate Between Fake And Real Brands

In today’s world, it is very hard to differentiate between fake and real products, with the rise in duplication of the products it has become very easy to duplicate high-end original products in the market.

Here we have really easy tips and tricks to identify the real products from the fake ones.

Many people succumb to these fraud products in the market and have suffered the losses. Here we have really easy tips and tricks to identify the real products from the fake ones.

EOS Lip Balms

The EOS Lip balm is one of the most well-known products in the cosmetic world. One easy way to differentiate between real and fake is the real one’s plastic exterior will be shiny, also if you can get a sweet and fruity smell and if the caps lock together perfectly!

Louis Vuitton

With such a famous top brand it is very easy to identify the real one, the real Louis Vuitton bag will have a proper identification stamp, the stamp will have a letter code that will provide the manufacturing details.

Apple Headphones

One distinct feature in the original Apple earphones is that the earphones will have a stainless steel mesh cap also you can remove the caps.

Samsung Phones

The easiest way to identify a real Samsung phone is that the display will be a bright black color and if you apply the code 7353 it will open a testing menu!

Christian Louboutin Shoes


Here are tricks to identify the real Christian Louboutin Shoes, just make sure that the cloth on the shoes is identical throughout and the soul will always be red in color.


One easy way to identify the real one is that you have to look out for the original artist trademark “blind stamp” on it which indicates what year it was made.

Converse Sneakers

The first thing you notice to identify the original one is that you look for the signature sole which should be 1.18 inches high. Also, the backside of the shoe should have an ‘All-Star’ stamp also on the tongue of the shoe. The tag of the shoe has a serial number of 6 characters.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Here’s how you identify the real ones, each pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses comes in the leather case with a logo on the closure and a black velour inside also in the original one, the logo on the left frame will never rub off.

Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits

Here’s how you can identify the real Victoria’s bathing suit, these bathing suits are only made of double cloth and the tags are only pink, black, white, or transparent.

Lacoste Shirts

One easy way to identify the real one, keep in mind that the crocodile is always green in color and always to the side of the buttons.


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