It Took This Artist 3 Months To Complete A Detailed Dundee Cityscape

Carl is sketching in large-scale every single city in the UK – all 69 – and I am documenting the entire process. Each cityscape takes a month to 3 months to research, map and produce, we then work hard to ensure that the artworks are put on public display for all to enjoy.


Birmingham – was completed in Sept 2016 and was on show in the Birmingham Museum and Art gallery, this artwork is moving to a new location soon.

Manchester – now showing in Manchester’s iconic Central Library.

Edinburgh – showing now in Edinburgh’s Central Library.

Dundee is the latest cityscape completed, showing now at the McManus Art Gallery and Museum. It took 3 months and over 100 pens to create this 3-meter cityscape.

It took 3 months for Carl Lavia to sketch the entire city of Dundee

The first gridding and the beginning stages of the city of Dundee

A close up of the McManus Art Gallery and Museum, where the finished sketch is now on display for 6 months

In the studio on panel 1 of Dundee

Panel 2 filling up nicely

Panel 3


Panel 3

The beginnings of panel 4

Panel 4

Finishing stages

Finishing stages

The finishing stages of the 3-metre ink sketch of the beautiful Scottish city of Stirling. Part of the mammoth #69cities project

The finished sketch of Dundee – measuring nearly 3 metres, showing now at the McManus Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland


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