The Funniest "Leave My Food Alone" Notes Ever to Be Seen on Fridges

Battle for ownership of space and proprietorship of the lunch you bring from home

Battle of the Fridge
If you have ever shared a house/apartment or worked in an office with kitchen facilities you will be familiar with the Battle of the Fridge.

In the battle for ownership of space and proprietorship of the lunch you bring from home, salvos are made in the form of notes.

Most of us are content with a simple sticky note with our name on but sometimes there's the housemate or workmate that has no respect for ownership.

And that's when the Battle of the Fridge reaches epic proportions.

1. The Spoiler

Oh look a spitting contest.

2. Food Dates

A sense of humor is always appreciated.

3. Name That Food

Kevin cohabited with a pie called Nancy. Now they are separated forever.

4. Karma

Yeah. Who dares to eat homemade food? Are they mad?

5. Pay Raise

Something to bring up at your next review?

6. Boring

Psychological warfare.

7. A Sandwich Saga


Hilarious! I wonder if Francis got fired?

8. Oxy Powder

A suitable deterrent?

9. Retribution

No good comes of dishonesty.

10. Uh Oh!

As only women can.

11. Menu Choice

What a cheeky fellow!

12. Generosity

A thief who couldn't eat another bite!

13. Taken

He will find you ...

14. Let's Get Serious

The thief who got licked.

15. Feed the Thief

Well I guess bringing in an extra portion for the thief is one way of tackling it.

16. Beware

Well it's might not be true but it might prick a conscience.

17. Not Debbie's

Methinks Debbie has a certain reputation.

18. Sandwich Stocks Going down

Well, times are hard.

19. In Summary

And that says it all!


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