15+ Funny Beware of the Dog Signs And The Very Dangerous Dogs Behind Them

There’s nothing like good ol’ Beware of Dog signs to scare away that pesky neighbor, solicitor, or any unwelcome stranger from targeting your home.


Although we always recommend taking these signs seriously (as there very well could be a scary dog waiting on the other side of them) there are also instances in which these signs couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even pet owners with small, fluffy puppies find use in Beware of Dog signs, or just put them up for a laugh.

1. We don’t know whether to laugh or run in fear at this dog sign. Either this dog is very wise and has the answers to all of our unanswered questions about life, or this is quite the intimidating death threat.

2. This dog didn’t even get his own sign, he got his own mat! Not exactly the “welcome home” mat one can usually expect at a front door, this “Beware of Joey” mat proves not all signs should be taken too seriously. Just look at those eyes!

3. We can’t say this sign is helping to deter us from hopping over that fence. “Beware of Dog” or beware of dog wanting too many belly rubs?

4. Another instance in which the sign says one thing, but the adorable dog behind the sign says something else completely.

5. Huh. Doesn’t look like a dog to us. Just one example of how signs can completely miss the mark…

6. What better way to make your sign appear believable than to have a giant bite mark leaving everyone wondering what exactly they should be looking out for?!

7. Another sweet pup behind a Beware of Dog sign that all we really want to do is pet. Either that sign is over exaggerating, or this puppy is baiting us.

8. Are we sure this sign is actually referring to the dog? We have a feeling this sign more accurately represents the owners.

9. Looking for a way to burglar-proof your home but don’t have a dog handy? Just create your own “Beware of Log” sign! These homeowners improvised their lack of an intimidating animal by painting an intimidating log to look like one.


10. It’s not only dogs we have to worry about, but cats too!

11. Beware of Dog? I don’t see a dog behind that fence! This is one of the few instances in which the animal behind the fence is actually more intimidating than the dog sign itself.

12. For some reason, it seems unlikely that this chain leash fits the animal, especially one inside a tiny dog house like that one…

13. I don’t know if we should feel relieved that there’s no scary dog behind that fence like the sign suggests, or if we should worry about what happened to it. That cat does look awfully suspicious…

14. Nothing is more amusing than a giant fence that has a “Bad Dog” sign with a tiny canine behind it. The illustration seems a little inaccurate.

15. This sign was almost reassuring until the second half of it…


16. Not quite a Beware of Dog sign; more of a sign to remind you that the owners aren’t interested in anyone that their dog wouldn’t want coming around. Fair enough.

Beware of Dog signs


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