The 25 Worst DIY Fails Of All Time

Something inevitably goes terribly wrong and someho

Epic DIY fails
Do you ever get the impression that DIY articles might be misleading you? In the photos, the project looks simple enough. But then, when you start, something inevitably goes terribly wrong and somehow, you’re left with a DIY fail that looks absolutely nothing like the project in the photo.

If that sounds like something that you can relate to, don’t worry we can too. And so can the 25 people who created the project on this list. Here, we’ve got some of the most epic DIY fails ever and what we imagine they were called on the DIY site from whence they came.

#1. “A fun chair challenge for your family.”

#2. “Supermarket-themed shelving.”

#3. “A car door handle for eating on-the-go.”

#4. “A removable headlight – easy for transport!”

#5. “Utilitarian scuba gear.”

#6. “A razor that doubles as a dining implement.”

#7. “Fashionable ear warmers.”

#8. “Easy wall mural.”

#9. “A sensual toothbrush.”

#10. “Double the lightswitch, double the fun.”

#11. “Decorative drawers.”

#12. “An easy Halloween decoration.”


#13. “Simple and chic DIY jeans.”

#14. “An outdoor kitchen.”

#15. “An affordable baby biking alternative.”

#16. “A masculine shower head.”

#17. “A motorcycle with lumbar support.”

#18. “A second living area.”

#19. “A resourceful whole-clock alternative.”

#20. “A DIY porch swing solution.”

#21. “Cheap and easy coffee tables.”

#22. “A modern mailbox.”

#23. “Conflicting drawers that make the decision for you.”

#24. “An outdoor shower.”

#25. “A suspended entertainment center.”


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