Alternative Wedding Photos of Sweetest Big Day Moments

Getting the best out of people and environment

The spirit of the specific wedding
The days od classic simple wedding photography are long over. It is almost every bride and groom’s wish to get something unique and cool for their big and important day. This is the task in front of Hacker Wedding Photography. The photographer behind the amazing photos is the Bristol based James Hacker who started working as a commercial wedding, portrait, fashion, editorial and travel photography after leaving his job for huge UK drum and bass stars.

Getting the best out of people and environment, James makes fun the key element in his photos. Instead of being satiated by dull static moments, these photos capture the individuality of the two main leading roles against the contrast of the area. Guests are portrayed with their inevitable emotional peculiarities. All in all, the spirit of the specific wedding abounds in the images, each holding a unique and irreplaceable personal fervor.


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