16 People Who Took A Wilder Ride Than They Bargained For

You don't have to be stuck on a bus with Keanu Reeves and a bomb that's keeping it from going under 50 miles an hour for your ride to get a little bumpier than expected.

That's why they said to fasten your seat belts.

Sometimes you'll just end up in a situation that had no reason to get weird, but did anyway. And as you're about to see from this list, some people are better at dealing with that than others.

1. I'd be less concerned if the kid was just messing around, but I think she's gonna need all the Ghostbusters for this.

I just hope that the young'un is actually snoring and not just making those noises from The Grudge, or this babysitter ain't seen nothing yet.

2. Ooh, this person's wild ride hasn't quite started yet, but the safety bar is not coming down.

And the best part is, I'm not even sure what their little discovery is gonna make this thing do. Explode? Catch on fire? Teleport?

We've hit the final frontier!

3. I don't know if this person's wild ride is beginning or ending, but something is obviously going down.

I'm guessing that either this is the world's longest light and they got fed up, or they're trying to turn the world into real life Mario Kart.

4. The hairstyles may be distracting, but we have to focus here because I have a lot of questions about that dude.

Most of them involve what he's doing, and how and why he's doing it, but is he even doing that on purpose?

Is he OK?

5. Gah! I think the wild ride here belongs to the first person who comes across this horrifying sight.

Sure, the fact that it's not moving is a pretty big clue, but it would be really hard to stop thinking "Jaws is real, and I'm dinner!"

6. Also, we don't need to invent sea creatures to be afraid of when the real ones are already kind of aggressive.

Getting this much attention from dolphins is cute at an aquarium, but you really don't want it out in the wild.

7. Who knew that the wild part of the ride didn't start until it was time to park?

And not even in the "arguing with a guy over a space" kind of way, either. I'm talking about the logic-defying way this door snapped like a bone.

8. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is only fun when it happens in cartoons.

In real life, you just end up drenched and facing a big old ouchie before you can say "and we have liftoff."

Yeah, not quite the fun-filled day she had in mind.

9. Just in case having a deer in your headlights wasn't scary enough, this road has its own upgrade on the challenge factor.

This guy looks way more likely to mess up your car, and he's perfect for that "am I gonna cause an extinction?" fear.

10. Haha, I guess some daring thrill-seekers are just built for any wild ride that comes their way.

Either that, or they're stubborn enough that nothing's gonna chase them away from the bar until it's last call.

It's the principle of the thing.

11. I'm not sure what this person was trying to accomplish here, but I'm pretty sure this wasn't it.

Oddly enough, I seem to recall ending up in a similar position at least once in my life, but I think somebody pushed me into it.

12. Either Tony Stark has really fallen on some hard times or Iron Man is about to face his greatest villain yet.

This may seem like kind of an anti-climax, but let's be honest. Who watched any of the Iron Man movies for the villains?

13. I don't know how this truck stop ended up with so many medieval helmets, but I think I know why the prices are so low.

Obviously, these things are cursed! And the only way to get rid of them is to prey on our strangest curiosities.

14. My favorite part about this is how not bothered this person is by the fact that a mysterious glow just appeared in their room.

I don't know, that seems like the kind of thing that may call for a quick once-over, at the very least.

15. OK, you may cry foul here and say that this isn't actually a person who's going on this wild ride through the cosmos.

If that's true, then why is there a great big message telling him not to panic? There's something going on here.

16. I'm not sure we'll ever find out what happened here, but the lack of surprise on his face is kind of telling.

What I wanna know is what kind of situation makes you think, "Yeah, I should have expected to become a porcupine pincushion?"


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