14 Pics That Take A Few Minutes To Set In

Life comes at you hella fast. One moment everything is fine and dandy and the next you see something that rocks you to your core. Something that changes the way you see the world. That leaves you TOUCHED forever.

I'm shook.

Don't know what I mean? Then check out these pics that take a minute to set in and BUCKLE UP BOO BOO.

1. KK so this is herring and onion ice cream and lemme just go vom real quick.

LIKE I'll pretty much eat ANYTHING in ice cream but yeah, I'VE HIT MY MAX WITH THIS. The chunks are too much.

Savory does not belong in sweet you heathens.

2. No offense but this is like the MOST wrong someone could EVER be about fruit. Like WHAT???

How did so many people let this happen? Why did no one stop this? Did lemons REALLY need a rebrand?

But most importantly WHY CAN'T I STOP DANCING?!

Now look what you made me do friggin' jazz apples! I can't stop the beat. There is just so much citrus FUN TO BE HAD!!!

Honestly jazz hands 5ever. Let's just keep it real guys.

3. Guys why wear earrings when you can wear an actual ear earring ON UR EAR?

Like, I love to eavesdrop and honestly, this earring lets my intentions be KNOWN. But also how do you react to someone wearing this?

4. Whaaaaaaaat are my eyes witnessing right now omg.

I mean, I shed like a mofo but this is hairy on a whole new level U GUYS.

Literally level cause stairs, ya feel?

5. But like who designed this tho?

Like I am no interior designer and everything in my house is leopard print, but at least I'm not demonic like this.

This is trippy in a BAD WAY!

6. iPhones think they're so damn clever, ugh.

But like on a SERIOUS note can you imagine? I could just detach my head real quick... Omg the SNEAKING I could do on my mans.

7. Um no..?

This is absolutely not my experience with Insta. Lol am I the ONLY ONE?

Snapchat gives me filters that take me from a two to ten real quick OKAY?! So back off!

8. What is this. I have chills all over my body, no lie lol.

This is not sexy like the Titanic hand. No.

These are some real creepy paranormal handprints of CAUTION.

9. Okay honestly, I might just back up and take the frozen handprints over the LITERAL FIERY DEPTHS OF HELL.

Like pls don't tell me you don't believe in ghosts when SHIZ LIKE THIS EXISTS.

10. WHOA, I literally had to look at this pic for two mins to figure out what was going on/regroup my existence.

Happy accidents like this are truly shocking but also SUCH blessings. Wow.


This model has a very blank stare and I fear he has reached into the depths of my soul honestly.


I mean, does it make me seasick just looking at it? Yes.

But do I think this court would give the world the funniest basketball game ever? Also yes.

13. And just like that, all joy is sucked out of the world. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.

People are parking on a frozen lake for funsies? This brings joy to people?

Does not compute for me.

14. GIRL. We all get lazy sometimes I totally get it. Cutting toenails is a necessary evil...but bby what is you doing.

I just don't think toenails need to be claws ok? #srrynotsrry

And also like I guess my question is why. And how. And who. And what???

Who did you so wrong you needed to take revenge on your own damn TOES bby???

I can't rn.


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