Can You Spot All the Differences in These TV Frames?

TV shows and/or movies are basically made in frames. Each of these frames is captured in the most detailed way. And despite watching them over and over again, you will no longer be surprised by anything. Why? That is because it has already been pictured on your mind.

You just really need to look closely.

But what if these movie or TV show frames are altered or a certain element has been changed? Will you still be able to spot the difference? Will your mind be able to identify which one? And in any case, can you really tell? Check them out below!

#1. The Big Bang Theory. Find 3 Differences

#2. Game of Thrones. Find 2 Differences.

#3. Friends. Find 3 Differences.

#4. Breaking Bad. Find 3 Differences

#5. Twin Peaks. Find 3 Differences.


#6. Sherlock. Find 3 Differences.

#7. The X-Files. Find 2 Differences.

#8. Sex and the City. Find 5 Differences.

#9. Doctor Who. Find 3 Differences.

#10. Lost. Find 2 Differences.

#11. Vikings. Find 3 Differences.

Still no luck yet? C’mon. Look closely. You should be able to find them. This is most especially true with the TV shows you learned to love.

Trust us, they are there.


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